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Rapidwerks offers Mold Flow Analysis for MicroMolding and Injection Molding
Rapidwerks includes MoldFlow Anaylysis in its services, now more than ever it's important for customers and there vendors to work together to validate and verify quality designs and tools.  MoldFlow allows Rapidwerks to offer a complete solution tool design, tool fabrication, part simulation which improves part quality and improves the manufacturability of a new design.


Moldflow Mold Adviser™ Extension Modules allows you to evaluate and optimize molded part performance and cooling circuit design; extending Mold Adviser's capabilities to improve part quality and reduce the potential for error.
Packing Analysis
A packing analysis can be used to optimize the second stage of the injection molding process to achieve the right balance between part quality, part cost, and cycle time.  Users can set up and evaluate packing profiles to determine the optimal packing pressure and duration of packing.  From the analysis, the user can review the volumetric shrinkage, cycle time, and the average temperature across the part.


See an analysis report example.
Warpage Indicator
Undetected, warpage can become an extremely costly problem to fix once a mold is in a production environment.  The new MPA 7.0 Warpage Indicator is a traffic-light plot (analogous to the Confidence-of-Fill plot) that highlights the areas where part warpage exceeds a user-specified, acceptable warpage level relative to a user-specified reference plane.  Users can investigate further for additional information on the source of warpage and obtain recommendations to fix the problem.  Users evaluate whether changes made to the part or mold design or to the material or process conditions will bring the part warpage to within acceptable levels.

The optional Performance Adviser add-on to the Moldflow Mold Adviser module provides a warpage indicator that highlights areas where part warpage is high.  Use this result to see how part or mold design, material or process changes affect the part warpage.
Cooling Circuit Adviser
Mold designers can now quickly design and evaluate their cooling circuit layouts to achieve uniform cooling with a minimum cycle time. Regular cooling channels, baffles, bubblers, and hoses all can be modeled and evaluated. From the analysis, users obtain the part temperature and cooling time. The part temperature plot is useful in identifying hot spots and non-uniform cooling regions. The designer can then consider part and mold changes to address these problems. The cooling time plot is useful in identifying regions which are taking a longer (than average) time to cool, thereby affecting the overall cycle time. In addition, the analysis provides several results related to the cooling circuits, including Reynolds number flow rate, pressure, and temperature, all of which can help the designer to maximize the efficiency of the cooling system.

The optional Cooling Circuit Adviser add-on to the Moldflow Mold Adviser module lets users quickly design and evaluate cooling circuit layouts to achieve uniform cooling with a minimum cycle time.

Automatic Cooling Layout Wizard

The Cooling Layout automates the cooling circuit design process by automatically generating an initial cooling system. This utilizes a set of rules to generate the location and sizes of the cooling channels. The mold designer can adjust the cooling lines to account for ejector pins and other mold components.

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