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Is a specialized, precision injection molding technique geared specifically to mold Micro Miniature components

What defines a "micro" part?

1 Nanometer = 0.001 micron
1 micron = 0.00004 in.
25 micron = 0.001 in.
50 micron = 0.002 in. Size of a human hair
1 mm = 0.040 in.

Key Considerations in Micro-Molding

  • Melt Viscosity, Melt Stability - Rheology

  • Tensile Strength, Tensile Elongation, Impact 

  • Mechanical Properties strength, Flexural Modulus, Flexural Strength

  • Physical - Specific Gravity, Color, Moisture Content, Granule cut.

  • Thermal Transitions - Glass Transition, Melting Point, Recrystallization Temp

  • Biocompatibility

  • Purity - Trace Element

Leverage years of experience, quality workmanship, and on-time delivery for your tools and production.

Rapidwerks' unique system allows us to micromold plastic parts, inspect them, and insert them into your packaging. All on one process!

These features are self-contained and modular; saving time and money by eliminating handling and potential damage of your newly molded products. Our working environment is equipped with the latest molding technology that will meet, and exceed, your stringent demands in many ways.


Here's a brief look at the "Modular Technology" of RapidWerks Inc. and how we work for you:    

Rapidwerks' built-in Vision Inspection System highlights critical details and saves time and money!

Clean Room Module — Our Micromolding services group is housed within a class 10K clean
room environment preventing contamination to micromolded parts and improving quality
for the most demanding components and medical devices.

Clamping Module — State of the art clamping module allows for exact plane-parallel mold

Inspection Module — Inspection allows for volume throughput. Minimizing handling allowing high throughput with little human interaction saving time money and valuable part orientation for automated assembly at your site.


Tray Module — Medical component and device manufacturers “dream” of blister pack or tray
packaging inline with production. Our inline reels or trays protect the micromolded parts
from transportation damage and contamination.


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